COVID-19 News

COVID-19 - Grantville Range - Fitztroy/Caulfield-Grantville Rifle Club Executive Committee News 
COVID-19 - Grantville Range - Regional Members - 16th September 2020  

Hi Members,

            Finally some good news!  Regional Members can now attend Range, beginning Saturday 19/09/2020.   The easing of restrictions now allows the number of  regional members only able to attend the range at one time to be 10 members . We must  still adhere to the strict hygiene procedures outlined by Victorian Government.

The committee has come up with the following plan :-----

1  .   Only 10  regional members can attend at one time.

2.    The Range will be opened at all day. Shooting to commence at 10.00 am until 4.00pm. 

3.    Shooting to be conducted by appointment only. For appointments contact club Secretary or 0438880067.

If a member has made an appointment and can’t get to the range please make sure you inform the Club Secretary.

4  .   Once the 10th  regional member arrives, the front gate will be locked in order to avoid any casual entry to the Range. We cannot have vehicles congregating at  the gate.

5.    Members arriving early morning  are asked to help set up the range for the day.

6.     At the completion of the days shooting remaining members are asked to help pack up range equipment.

7.    There will be no BBQ or drinks provided by the Club, members are asked to provide their own food and drinks.

8.      If all members wishing to make an appointment to shoot can’t be accommodated on their preferred weekend due to full booking they will be given first preference on the next weekend.

9.     Three targets will be used, only three shooters on the mound at a time, waiting shooters must not approach until the shooter on the mound has vacated that position.

10.   Waiting shooter to score on computer, and wipe down on completion leaving position clean and sanitized.

11.    Firearms and equipment is not to be shared between members, any problems with equipment must be resolved by the owner.

12.    No rifle sighting at this time.

13.    No new shooter tryout.

14.    No visiting Clubs can attend.  Fitzroy / Caulfield / Grantville and MCC Rifle Club  regional members only.

15.     Payment preferred made by monthly bank transfer using your Club generated ID number. If any members wish to pay Cash place correct amount into a sealed envelope with Payee’s name, no change will be given.


Hopefully these restrictions are lifted soon and Metropolitan Members can get back to some Shooting.


Regards Rolf.

Fitzroy / Caulfield / Grantville Club Secretary