COVID-19 News

COVID-19 - Grantville Range - Fitztroy/Caulfield-Grantville Rifle Club Executive Committee News  

Range Open - under strict conditions - 10 member only at one time ......

A Message from the Committee;

Hi all,

The Club Committee conducted a special Zoom Meeting on 13/05/2020 to discuss procedures for the presumption of shooting. As you are all aware we are still required to follow strict Covid19 Social Distancing Rules, this restricts the number of members allowed to attend the range at one time to 10 members only. We must adhere to the strict hygiene procedures outlined by Victorian Government.

The committee has come up with the following plan :-----

1.                    Only 10 members can attend at one time.

2.                    Shooting to be conducted by appointment only, with preference given to Financial members of Fitzroy / Caulfield / Grantville and MCC rifle                           clubs.

                Appointments must be made to Fitzroy / Caulfield / Grantville Club Secretary no later than 12 noon on Thursdays.

                If a member has made an appointment and can’t get to the range please make sure you inform the Club Secretary.

3 .           Shooting will be conducted in two shifts, Morning 9.00am to 12noon and afternoon 1.00 pm to 4.00pm. there cannot be any membership overlap                between the shifts. At the moment 2 shoots are allocated to each member, after which member must leave the range. If time permits we may be                able to have three shoots, but this is going to be up to the Range Officer on duty.

4.                    Once the tenths member arrives the front gate will be locked in order to avoid any casual entry to the Range. We cannot have vehicles                                congregating at  the gate.

5.                    Shooters on morning shift are to set up the range for the day.

6.                    Shooters on afternoon shift are to Shutdown computers correctly, pack up, ensure batteries are on charge and lock up. Computers and                               generator are to be taken home and possibly delivered to Graham Doig's Residence, or that person will be on the morning shift the following                     week.

7.                    There will be no BBQ or drinks provided by the Club, members are asked to provide their own food and drinks.

8.                    If all members wishing to make an appointment to shoot can’t be accommodated on their preferred weekend due to full booking they will be                         given first preference on the next weekend or the next shift.

9.                    Three targets will be used, only three shooters on the mound at a time, waiting shooters must not approach until the shooter on the mound has                   vacated that position.

10.                Waiting shooter to score on computer, and wipe down on completion leaving position clean and sanitized.

11.                Firearms and equipment is not to be shared between members, any problems with equipment must be resolved by the owner.

12.                No rifle sighting at this time.

13.                No new shooter tryout.

14.                No visiting Club members can attend, all preferences to be for Fitzroy / Caulfield / Grantville and MCC rifle Club members.

15.                No cash payment to Treasurer, payment can be made by monthly bank transfer.

16.                                             IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL, WITH FLUE OR COLD SYMTOMS PLEASE STAY AWAY.

The Committee Executive regrets having to implement these restrictions, but cannot see any other way we can commence shooting comply with Government Restrictions and give all members equal safe opportunity to attend the Range and shoot. Hopefully these restrictions are lifted soon and we can get back to some normality.


Regards Rolf.

Fitzroy / Caulfield / Grantville Club Secretary