Welcome to the Grantville Rifle Club

  • Shooting takes place on most Saturdays commencing at 9.30am.
  • Beginners are most welcome, as are visitors from other rifle clubs.
  • Please be advised that no shooting is allowed on the range unless authorised by the rifle club.
'Shoot For Autism'    

Prize Meeting - Held June 21, 2014.  

Proceeds from this shoot will go directly to the Southern Autistic School.  The event was a resounding  success and the club appreciates the support from the shooters who attended as well as the generous sponsorship from the many local and shooting associated businesses.

It was great to see so many shooters come from both near and far.  Total amount raised is not known at this stage.

Thanks to all who worked for the event and in particular those markers who gave so generously of their time for this worthy cause.