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Welcome to the home of the Fitzroy/Caulfield-Grantville Rifle Club

Fitzroy/Caulfield-Grantville Rifle Club is a full-bore target rifle club situated at Grantville in Victoria, Australia and we are dedicated to promoting the sport of target shooting in a safe shooting environment.

At our Grantville shooting range we offer the following facilities:

  • A full bore rifle range with range distances from 300 to 600 yards
  • ICFRA standard targets; comprising 5 state of the art electronic targets and manual targets when required
  • Regulation sloped mounds with synthetic grass covering
  • Sheltered range at 600 yards, for those extremely wet days
  • "Sighting in" opportunity at 300 yards from 9:00am to 10:00am every Saturday morning, (more details)
  • The opportunity to "Come & Try" with the assistance of our experienced shooters, who will look after you on the day (more details)
Full-Bore Target Shooting is a challenging, fun and social sport. You can compete with others or just hone your hunting skills. You can use various "calibres" and shoot in several disciplines if you want to. We host Full-Bore Target, F-Standard, F Open, F TR and Sporting / Hunter disciplines at the Grantville Rifle Range. Suitable for people from 12 to 100+ years of any gender.

Should you wish to become involved in our sport you can contact the club Secretary to organize when you would like to come down and "have a go".

An annual event held at the Grantville Range is the "Shoot for Autism" , a Prize Meeting on the VRA calendar which supports the Southern School of Autism.
All funds raised from the prize meeting are donated to the Southern School of Autism with the aim of enhancing the lives of the people who attend the school.
The last event was held in May 2018 and raised $5000.
Our sincere thanks go out to all the participants, volunteers and sponsors, without whom, the event would not be possible.